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The role of women in American history has evolved a great deal over the past few centuries. In less than a hundred years, the role of women has moved from housewife to highly paid corporate executive to political leader. As events in history have shaped the present world, one can find hidden in such moments, pivotal points that catapult destiny into an unforeseen direction. This paper will examine one such pivotal moment, fashioned from the fictitious character known as ‘Rosie the Riveter’ who represented the powerful working class women during World War II and how her personification has helped shape the future lives of women.
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Clearly the role of women reflected one of diminished value as compared to her male companion. But that was all about to change with the onset of World War II.
During World War II the United States began to manufacture war materials to support its allies through lucrative government defense contracts as automobile factories like Ford and General Motors put aside their usual business operations and began to produce tanks and airplanes, shipyards too expanded their operations . The demand for war equipment naturally increased the demand for labor and as a result helped pull the American economy out of the grips of the Great Depression. Then as the unthinkable happened, on December 7, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, which drew many young American men into the battlefield.
As young men responded to their call of duty and enlisted in the armed services, this left the American war industry with a severe labor shortage. With so few men left to satisfy the labor needs, a call went out to women to fill this void. However, the initial response to this request was not satisfactory . As a result, the government devised a propaganda enriched advertising campaign to motivate the masses of women by appealing to their sense of patriotism as well as telling women their labor efforts would help end the war and bring soldiers home more

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Perez 3 Did you know that women all over the western society get paid less than men do?

 Even when females numerically dominate the position -- media director, lead account planner and account executive -- they receive less pay


R. Craig Endicott ). Women who go to college

and get straight A’s get paid the

 same amount as men that go to college and get an average of

C’s. So what is that telling women that, is that saying that we are not as equal to men in the

society? Is it trying to portray that bad grades equals a better paying job? Women still get looked on as fragile. No,

women are not that fragile, just like women aren’t the damsels in distress that

society puts them out to be. Women are actually strong individuals that can handle a variety of things that life throws at them. In the workforce a lot of men like to help the women with things

that are heavy and that great their being gentlemen. But when they simply tell you “I don’t want

you getting hurt

”, and that’s why they are helping you or they tell a women “Don’t pick that up its heavy” it makes it s

eem as women are weak and fragile.

“In the social construct of gender, it does not matter what men and women actually do; it

does not even matter if they do exactly the same thing. The social institution of gender insists only that what they do is perceiv

ed as different.” (Judith Lorber 

). Women are looked at as different for doing the same thing a man is doing, why is that you may ask yourself. Well the answer to that is simply the fact that the western society portrays it that way. In many situations the name of an activity or job description can be changed based on the gender of the person doing the task. Women can be working as a secretary and their job description might say something like executive secretary while men can be working as secretaries as well but their job description will be something like administrative assistant (Lorber). Society feels the need to separate men and women in order to maintain gender separation.

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