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Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard (APFT)- DA 705

Initial Enrollment Forms

ROTC Scholarship Forms

Cadet Contracting Forms

  • DA Form 597 - Cadet Non-Scholarship Contract. Non-scholarship cadets need to read this thoroughly prior to contracting (PDF).
  • DA Form 597-3 - Cadet Scholarship Contract. Scholarship cadets need to read this thoroughly prior to contracting (PDF).
  • DD Form 4-1/2 - Enlistment Document. All contracting cadets need to read this thoroughly (PDF-fill-in).
  • DD Form 93 - Record of Emergency Data (PDF-Fill-in).
  • DD Form 2005 - Privacy Act Statement - Health Care Record (PDF-Fill-in).
  • DD Form 2351 - DoDMERB Medical Examination Form (PDF-Fill-in).
  • DD Form 2492 - DoDMERB Medical History Form (PDF-Fill-in).
  • SF 1199A - Direct Deposit Sign Up Form (PDF-Fill-in).
  • SGLV 8286 - Soldier's Group Life Insurance Form (PDF-Fill-in).
  • W-4 - Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate (PDF-Fill-in)

Warrior Forge Forms and Documents

ROTC Related Documents

Cadet Command Forms

DA Forms

  • DA From 1380 - Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Training (PDF).
  • DA Form 3955 - Change of Address and Directory Card (PDF - Fill-in)
  • DA Form 7349R - Initial Medical Review - Annual Medical Certificate (PDF-Fill-in)

DD Forms

Army Publications

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Publication TitleDate of


PdfIT 01 - Command-Wide Standard for Electronic Mail (E-mail)3/4/2014ATCC-IT-932kUpdated
PdfIT 02 - Use of Government Furnished Cellular Devices3/4/2014ATCC-IT-435kUpdated
PdfIT 03 - Control of Removable Media3/4/2014ATCC-IT-748kUpdated
PdfIT 04 - Managing & Protecting Mobile-Portable Electronic Devices3/4/2014ATCC-IT-933kUpdated
PdfIT 05 - Protection of Information Technology Equipment & Personally Identifiable Information3/4/2014ATCC-IT-981kUpdated
PdfIT 06 - User Responsibilities to Ensure Information Assurance3/4/2014ATCC-IT-560kUpdated
PdfIT 07 - Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps Program Information Assurance Support Officer3/4/2014ATCC-IT-718kUpdated
PdfIT 08 - Sensitive & Classified Information Spillage3/4/2014ATCC-IT-1.5MbUpdated
PdfIT 09 - Requirements for Wireless Technologies3/4/2014ATCC-IT-623kUpdated
PdfIT 10 - Protecting Data-At-Rest3/4/2014ATCC-IT-732kUpdated
PdfIT 11 - Virtual Private Network Usage3/4/2014ATCC-IT-275kUpdated
PdfIT 12 - Protection of Classified Information3/4/2014ATCC-IT-554kUpdated
PdfIT 13 - Protection of Controlled Unclassified Information3/4/2014ATCC-IT-601kUpdated
PdfIT 14 - Common Access Card and Public Key Infrastructure Usage & Protection3/4/2014ATCC-IT-648kUpdated
PdfIT 15 - Authorized Use of Telecommunications Systems3/4/2014ATCC-IT-766kUpdated
PdfIT 16 - Consent to Monitor3/4/2014ATCC-IT-366kUpdated
PdfIT 19 - Use of Printers Copying & Multi-Function Devices Within USACC11/3/2014ATCC-IT-274kUpdated
Pdf0i - Fort Knox and US Army Cadet Command Policy Letters & Delegations of Authority10/19/2016--921kUpdated
PdfCG 01 - Commander's Open Door Policy12/18/2016SJA1.2584kUpdated
PdfCG 02 - Equal Opportunity Program10/19/2016EO-697kUpdated
PdfCG 03 - Equal Opportunity Complaint Procedures10/19/2016EO-690kUpdated
PdfCG 04 - Sexual Harassment Assault Response & Prevention (SHARP)10/19/2016EO1.11.2MbUpdated
PdfCG 05 - Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)1/27/2017EEO1.1955kUpdated
PdfCG 06 - Anti-Harassment10/19/2016EEO-651kUpdated
PdfCG 07 - Reasonable Accommodation10/19/2016EEO-609kUpdated
PdfCG 08 - Promoting Health, Reducing Risk & Preventing Suicide12/7/2016ASAP/G11.21.3MbUpdated
PdfCG 09 - Cadre-Student Relations5/31/2016G1-987kUpdated
PdfCG 10 - Alcohol Policy12/18/2016G31.21.7MbUpdated
PdfCG 11 - Restrictions Lab Fees by Military Science Departments Within USACC10/19/2016G8--Updated
PdfCG 12 - Filing of Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports (OGE Form 450)10/19/2016SJA-1.2MbUpdated
PdfCG 13 - Fort Knox Off Limits Establishments & Areas2/15/2017Garrison-44kUpdated
PdfCG 14 - Fort Knox Bar Letters10/19/2016SJA-2.4MbUpdated
PdfCG 15 - Fort Knox Catigny Dining Facility (DFAC) Dress Code10/19/2016CSM-1MbUpdated
PdfCG 16 - Fort Knox Local Commuting Area10/19/2016Garrison-1MbUpdated
PdfCG 17 - Uniform Policy for USACC Cadre & Cadets10/10/2014G1-1.2MbUpdated
PdfCG 18 - CHPC Installation Prevention Team Financial Counseling Initiative10/19/2016ACS-2.4MbUpdated
PdfCG 19 - Information Technology Equipment Authorization10/19/2016G6-1.3MbUpdated
PdfCG 20 - USACC Policy for Cadre and University College Enforced Oaths, Codes, Pledges, or Convenants10/19/2016G1-558kUpdated
PdfCG 22 - US Army Cadet Command (USACC) Privately Owned Weapons Guidance10/19/2016--959kUpdated
PdfCG 23 - Proper Handling & Transporting of Weapons for ROTC on Campus9/26/2016--824kUpdated
PdfCG Policy 24 - Installation Support to Area Community Relations Events5/15/2017IMKN-PA-4.6MbUpdated
PdfCG Policy 25 - Overweight Applications & DodMERB Physicals6/27/2017ATCC-RO-943kUpdated
PdfCG Policy 26 - PMS Extension9/12/2017ATCC-PA-33kUpdated


Pdf005 Transmittal, Action & Control4/23/2015SGS-54kUpdated
Pdf025 Request for Review of a Publication or Form7/15/2014ATCC-IT-1.3Mb 
Pdf25-1 USACC IT Requirement Support Form8/5/2015ATCC-IT-1.4MbUpdated
Pdf15a Classified Spillage Immediate Action ChecklistMar. 2013ATCC-IT-1.3MbIn Review
Pdf15b Content Spillage Incident Response8/1/2015ATCC-IT-1.6MbIn Review
Pdf15c Time Based Spillage Incident Response3/28/2013ATCC-IT-1.6MbIn Review
Pdf67-10-1 Cadet Officer Evaluation Report5/7/2015DoLD-E-2.1MbUpdated
Pdf67-10-1A Cadet Officer Evaluation Report Support Form5/7/2015DoLD-E-2.1MbIn Review
Pdf103-R Active Duty Reserve ROTC Scholarship Applicant Snapshot11/13/2002ATCC-ROI-965kUpdated
Pdf104-R Planned Academic Worksheet9/25/2013ATCC-ROI-992kUpdated
Pdf112 Request for Supplies & Services5/5/2015ATCC-LMA-957kNot Updated
Pdf131-E Cadet Action Request - Electronic Submission7/1/2007ATCC-PC-1.6MbNot Reviewed
Pdf131-R Cadet Action Request12/1/2007ATCC-PC-1.6MbUpdated
Pdf132-R Statement of Understanding - Dependency12/1/2007ATCC-PC-1.6MbNot Reviewed
Pdf133-R Privacy Act Statement7/1/1994Not Identified-60kNot Reviewed
Pdf134-R JROTC Certificate of Training1/1/2003Not Identified-140kNot Reviewed
Pdf136-R Briefing on Government-Sponsored Benefits for ROTC Cadets8/1/2001Not Identified-862kNot Reviewed
Pdf137-R Authorization for Access to Student Records8/1/2002ATCC-PC-29kNot Reviewed
Pdf139-R Cadet Application and Enrollment Card7/29/2014ATCC-PAC-1.3MbNot Reviewed
Pdf145-1-1 ROTC Physical Assessment Scorecard1/1/2013ATCC-ROI-664kNot Reviewed
Pdf145-1-3 Summer Benefits Counseling Form3/29/2016ATCC-ROI-1.8MbUpdated
Pdf145-1-4 Specialty Scholarship Counseling Form3/7/2018ATCC-ROI-146kUpdated
Pdf145-1-5 Scholarship Request Form3/1/2018ATCC-ROI-191kUpdated
Pdf145-1-6 Transfer Evaluation Form7/22/2014ATCC-ROI-1.3MbNot Reviewed
Pdf145-1-7 Study Abroad Request Form3/29/2016ATCC-ROI-1.3MbUpdated
Pdf145-1-8 Reserve Component SAV Checklist6/10/2016ATCC-RC-980kUpdated
Pdf145-4-1 Consent & Release3/31/2015ATCC-MAM-1.4MbUpdated
Pdf145-5-1 Officer Appointment Checklist3/27/2017ATCC-PAS-181kUpdated
Pdf159-R ROTC Scholarship Interview Sheet11/13/2008Not Indicated-628kNot Reviewed
Pdf167-R Scholarship Accept/Decline Statement2/1/2018ATCC-ROI-511kNot Reviewed
Pdf173-R Green to Gold Scholarship Application6/1/2009ATCC-ROI-1MbNot Reviewed
Pdf174-R US Army ROTC Green to Gold Active Duty Option Program Application11/1/2008ATCC-OIS-1.1MbNot Reviewed
Pdf186-3-R G-1 Combined SAV Checklist10/1/2015ATCC-PA-187kNot Reviewed
Pdf186-4-R Brigade Leader Development Checklist10/29/2015ATCC-TR-121kNot Reviewed
Pdf201-R ROTC Cadet File Worksheet11/24/2014ATCC-ROI-1.3MbNot Reviewed
Pdf202-R GRFD Non-Scholarship Cadet Contract Endorsement1/1/2005ATCC-OIR-42kNot Reviewed
Pdf202-R-A Hand Grenade Assault Course9/17/2002Not Identified-667kNot Reviewed
Pdf203-R GRFD Scholarship Endorsement7/10/2014ATCC-ROI-1.6MbUpdated
Pdf203-R-A 10-Kilometer Forced Road March9/17/2002ATCC-ROI-669kNot Reviewed
Pdf204-R Revocation of the Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Non-Scholarship Cadet Contract EndorsementNov. 2014ATCC-ROI-1.5MbNot Reviewed
Pdf204-R-A 25-Meter Range3/1/2015ATCC-ROI-664kNot Reviewed
Pdf205 Revocation of the Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) Military Junior College Scholarship Cadet Contract Endorsement4/22/2015ATCC-ROI-1.6MbUpdated
Pdf218-R Assignment Preference Sheet9/1/2004ATCC-PA-594kNot Reviewed
Pdf222​ Family Advocacy Program Spouse/Child Abuse Report4/1/2013Family Advocacy Program-964kNot Reviewed
Pdf226-R Request for Conversion to GRFD or Dedicated GRFD Scholarship10/31/2016ATCC-ROI-658kUpdated
Pdf227-R Request for GRFD Control Number7/10/2014ATCC-ROI-659kNot Reviewed
Pdf228-R Financial Statement8/1/2005ATCC-PC-435kNot Reviewed
Pdf260 Request for Publication12/1/2017ATCC-IT-1.3MbUpdated
Pdf260-1 Request for Publication Continuation Sheet12/1/2017ATCC-IT-965kUpdated
PdfUSACC Label 02 - Data-At-Rest for Small PEDs4/23/2013ATCC-IT-41kUpdated
PdfUSACC Label 03 - Data-At-Rest for Laptops4/23/2013ATCC-IT-35kNot Updated


Pdf184-2-R Resource Management Checklist8/9/2012ATCC-RM-417kNot Reviewed
Pdf186-3-R ASD SAV8/10/2015ATCC-PA-54kNot Reviewed
PdfCASD SAV9/1/2015ATCC-PA-50kNot Reviewed
PdfMPD Flags9/1/2015ATCC-PA-17kNot Reviewed
PdfMPD In Out Processing9/1/2015ATCC-PA-20kNot Reviewed
PdfMPD Leave & Passes9/1/2015ATCC-PA-22kNot Reviewed
PdfMPD Personnel Accounting Strength Reporting9/1/2015ATCC-PA-19kNot Reviewed
PdfMPD Reassignments9/1/2015ATCC-PA-20kNot Reviewed
PdfSFP SAV Checklist6/26/2015ATCC-PA-165kNot Reviewed
Pdf186-06-R Recruiting Retention Operations Incentive & Marketing Checklist12/1/2012Not Identified-114kNot Reviewed
Pdf186-07-R Information Support Activity Checklist11/08/2012G1-128kNot Reviewed
WordBDE Safety Checklist11/20/2014ATCC-ZF-50kNot Official
WordBDE SAV JROTC Checklist10/1/2014Not Identified-150kNot Official
ExcelG-8 SAV Checklist11/20/2014G8-19kNot Official
ExcelROO Inspection9/11/2014RMID-64kNot Official
Word186-5-R Updated BDE OIP Nurse Checklist10/9/2014ATCC-ZN-36kNot Official
PdfCPD Checklist9/1/2015ATCC-PA-45kNot Official
ExcelUSACC G6 BDE/BN SAV OIP Checklist9/8/2015ATCC-IT-16kNot Official


Pdf10-5 Organizations & Functions02/15/2016G5-1.2MbUpdated
Pdf25-35 Publications & Forms Management Program9/1/2015ATCC-IT-934kUpdated
Pdf145-1 Reserve Officers' Training Corps Army ROTC Incentives Policy8/2/2016ATCC-ROI-906kIn Review
Pdf145-2 JROTC Organization, Administration, Operations, Training & Support2/1/2012--6.3Mb-
Pdf145-03 ROTC Precommisioning Training & Leadership Development9/20/2011G3-725kNot Reviewed
Pdf145-03-1 ROTC Precommisioning Training Leadership Developement Off Campus Training1/23/2006ATCC-TR-541kIn Review
Pdf145-04 ROTC Marketing Advertising & Publicity to Support Enrollment10/25/2005ATCC-MAM-273kNot Reviewed
Pdf145-05 ROTC US Army Leaders Training Course2/25/2016ATCC-TT-407kNot Updated
Pdf145-06 Green to Gold Program9/20/2011ATCC-OP-1.4MbNot Updated
Pdf145-08 ROTC Organizational Inspection Program (OIP)8/17/2010ATCC-IG-500kNot Updated
Pdf145-9 Cadet Command ROTC Branching, Commissioning, & Accessioning Regulation8/1/2016ATCC-PAS-A-1.3MbNot Updated
Pdf145-17 ROTC Recruitment & Enrollment Planning2/05/2009ATCC-OR-221kNot Updated
Pdf385-10 Cadet Command Safety Program5/1/2016ATCC-ZF-9.6MbNot Updated
Pdf600-85 Drug Testing Program Prevention & Education3/8/2013ATCC-PAP-128kNot Updated


Pdf145-1 Reserve Officers' Training Corps Army ROTC Incentives Procedures8/2/2016ATCC-ROI-2.3MbNot Updated
Pdf145-04 Enrollment, Retention & Disenrollment Criteria Policy & Procedures9/21/2011ATCC-PAC-1.3MbNot Updated
Pdf145-08 Basic Duties Checklist for Dining In Committees9/1/2002ATCC-T-590kNot Updated
Pdf145-09 ROTC Cadet Professional Development Training3/10/2003ATCC-TT-638kNot Updated
Pdf145-9-1 Cultural Awareness Training Program8/19/2015ATCC-DE-508kUpdated
Pdf145-35 ROTC Purchase of Items Outside the Local Advertising Purchasing System (LAPS)9/10/2001ATCC-M-1.3MbNot Updated
Pdf145-36 Tactics, Techniques, Procedures TTP for Army ROTC Recruiting5/6/2003ATCC-OT-1.7MbNot Updated
Pdf145-37 ROTC Retention Guide12/3/2008ATCC-T-1.1MbNot Updated
Pdf350-03 ROTC Annual Ranger Challenge Completion9/1/2002ATCC-T-398kNot Updated
Pdf25-35 Publications Process3/22/2017ATCC-IT

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