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The Achievements of the Tang and Song Dynasties Essay

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The Achievements of the Tang and Song Dynasty Today we can look around ourselves and see thousands of technical innovations that make life easier; But if we take a step back and ask ourselves “How?” we will soon realize that most often, these technological advancements did not just “poof” into existence, but are usually the outcome of building upon yesterday’s technology. If we follow this cycle back into time, we can attribute almost any modern day invention to an ancient civilization during its golden age. China was no exception. China’s Song and Tang dynasties fostered scientific advances comparable to Rome’s during its Pax Romana. The most significant and impacting of these were the…show more content…

Without this sooty powder our expressive fireworks that so vividly light up the night sky on the 4th of July would be just plain empty black, alongside awkward family barbecues. Although not as significant a development as gunpowder, porcelain is a major invention of China. It is so extremely sought after, that, porcelain has become intertwined in Chinese society and export industry. Porcelain is up among the ranks of silk in terms of exclusivity and snootiness. This has become such a valuable material, that the Chinese managed to keep the secret of production for centuries; this was the same thing for silk. Porcelain is so closely related to China, that it adopted the cultural name of china. This served as a significant move, because it only reinforced of how China was the only country at the time to produce china. Their impact on the world can be seen from the non-exclusive toilet bowls made of china, to the snooty 50 piece dinner set of China. Without China, the world would be a happier place as parents around the world would no longer to go berserk at their kids for a shattered china dish as well as not having a super duper cold toilet seat in the winter. After the decline of the Tang dynasty, a second more seemingly cowardly dynasty arose, the Song. Although very faint hearted in nature, this

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Tang and Song Dynasty Essay

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TANG & SONG 1. How did government affect your dynastic era?
Tang Dynasty:
The administration was organized into 10 political districts called “Dao” which was then later increased to 15. In each political district there were towns, villages, and families. The official system of the Tang administration involved the central official system and local official system. The central official system followed the Sui Dynasty's (581 - 618) three departments and six ministries system. The six major ministries included personnel, finance, rites, army, justice, and public works. Each were accompanied by a Censorate, an agency that exercised surveillance over the rest of the government. They made sure that government officials stayed in line…show more content…

The government was also centralized and the system used in the Tang dynasty carried over; the bureaucracy of trained civil officers through education.
Politics & Government:
 The frontiers were stabilized & attempts at expansion were partially successful.  Centralized government returned along with a bureaucracy of trained civil officers
 Agricultural production improved & crop specialization intensified 
Champa Rice
 The use of a credit system and paper money improved commerce & trade.
 Imports included: luxury goods
 Exports included: manufactured goods
 Indian Ocean trade increased as Islamic and Jewish influence increased.
 Chinese trade ships, called junks, dominated eastern ocean trade.
 Silk Road trade increased”

4. How did the culture grow and change during your dynastic era.
The culture heavily changed in the role and power of women over the two dynasties. During the Tang dynasty women had a less restricted lifestyle. They had been able to have a large social life with greater freedom of the classical times. Even female deity were widely worshiped. But the Song dynasty after becoming Confucianism and a large growth in the economy a very heavy change into patriarchy took place. Women were very strictly restricted from social life and very subdue to remain” behind” there husband

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