R699 Special Assignment Contact

Below is a comprehensive list of the policies approved by the State Board of Regents for the Utah System of Higher Education.

Table of Contents

Section 1.  System Governance (R100 – R199)
Section 2.  Institutional Governance (R200 – R299)
Section 3.  Master Planning (R300 – R399)
Section 4.  Academic Affairs (R400 – R499)
Section 5.  Business and Financial Affairs (R500 – R599)
Section 6.  Student Financial Aid (R600 – R699)
Section 7.  Capital Facilities (R700 – R799)
Section 8.  Personnel (R800 – R899)
Section 9.  Office of the Commissioner (R900 – R999)

Section 1. System Governance (R100 – R199)


Higher Education Statutes

State Board of Regents Bylaws and Governance R120 – R129

State Board of Regents – Other Procedures R130 – R139

Commissioner of Higher Education R140 – R149

Council of Presidents R150 – R159

Liaison with State Board of Education R160 – R169

Section 2. Institutional Governance (R200 – R299)

 Presidents of Institutions R200 to R219

  • R201, Presidents’ Responsibility to the System, the Assigned Institution, and for Legislative Relations
  • R203, Search Committee Appointment and Function, and Regents’ Selection of Presidents of Institutions
  • R205, Presidential Appointment, Term of Office, and Compensation and Benefits
  • R206, Executive Officer External Service
  • R207, Institutional Residences for Colleges and Universities in the Utah System of Higher Education
  • R208, Resource and Review Teams
  • R209, Evaluation of Presidents
  • R210, Chief Executive Officer Leaves of Absence
  • R212, Chief Executive Officer Travel Oversight

Boards of Trustees R220 – R229

Campus Governance R250 – R269

Foundations R270 – R279

Section 3. Master Planning (R300 – R399)

 Summary of the Master Plan R300 – R309

Missions and Roles R310 – R329

Computing R340 – R349

Education Television and Communications Networking R350 – R359

Section 4. Academic Affairs (R400 – R499)

 Program Approval, Role Changes, and Administrative Unit Changes R400 – R419

Major Program Area Policies R420 – R459

Academic Standards, Access and Placement R460 – R469

Award or Transfer of Credit R470 – R479

Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility R480 – R489

Oversight of Academic Affairs R490 – R499

Section 5. Business and Financial Affairs (R500 – R599)

 Budgeting R500 – R509

Tuition and Fees R510 – R519

Dedicated Credits R520 – R529

Grants, Gifts & Contracts R530 – R534

Reimbursed Overhead R535 – R539

Investments and Discretionary Funds R540 – R548

Auxiliary and Service Enterprises R550 – R559

Accounting and Financial Controls R560 – R564

Auditing R565 – R569

Procurement & Purchasing R570-575

Expenditure Limitations R580 – R589

Revenue Bonds R590 – R599

Section 6. Student Financial Aid (R600 – R699)

Administration, Scholarships, Grants-in-Aid, Work/Study, Student Loan Guarantee Program (UHEAA) R600 – R679

  • R601, Board of Directors of the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority
  • R602, Bylaws of the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority Board of Directors
  • R603, Terrel H. Bell Teaching Incentive Loan Program
  • R604, New Century Scholarship
  • R605, Higher Education Success Stipend Program
  • R608, Utah Engineering and Computer Science Scholarship Program
  • R609, Regents’ Scholarship
  • R610, Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority Federal Family Education Loan Program, PLUS, SLS and Loan Consolidation Program
  • R611, Veterans Tuition Gap Program
  • R612, Lender Participation
  • R613, Public Safety Office Career Advancement Reimbursement (PSOCAR)
  • R616, Minority Scholarships
  • R626, Lender-of-Last-Resort Program
  • R649, Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority Privacy Policy
  • R650, Lender Certification Obligations

Collection of Student Loans R680 – R684

Educational Savings Programs R685-R689

Section 7. Capital Facilities (R700 – R799)

 Statutory Provisions R700 – R709

General Policy R710 – R719

Annual Requests R740 – R749

Guidelines R750 – R759

Special Facilities R760 – R769

Section 8. Personnel (R800 – R899)

 Affirmative Action R800 – R809

Compensation R810 – R829

Grievances R830 – R839

Conditions of Employment R840 – R849

Retirement Programs R850 – R859

Section 9. Office of the Commissioner (R900 – R999)

 Personnel Practices R900 – R919

  • R901, Personnel Definitions
  • R902, Personnel File
  • R903, University of Utah Identification Cards
  • R905, Employee Relations and Organizations
  • R906, Staff Employment
  • R908, Reinstatement of Permanent Staff Employees
  • R909, Health Requirements
  • R910, Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination
  • R911, Employment of Relatives
  • R912, Transfer of System Institution Employees to the Office of the Commissioner
  • R914, Personnel Orientation for Permanent Employees
  • R915, Staff Employee Separations

Conditions of Employment R920 – R930

Benefits R931 – R939

Compensation R940 – R949

Employment Grievances R950 – R959

Retirement and Termination R960 – R969

Budget and Finance R980 – R989

Records Security R990 – R995

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