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Engr. Abayomi Bamidele studied Mechanical Engineering at University of Nigeria, Nsukka and graduated in 1994.

His career and vast experience span over 23 years in the Manufacturing and Oil & Gas Industry. Between 1995 and 1998, Mr. Bamidele headed the Maintenance Department of a steel manufacturing outfit in Aba, Abia State with responsibility for repair and maintenance of heavy-duty metal forming/pressing machines, wire drawing machines, machine tools, power generators, air compressors, etc. He earned accolades for his ability to keep the factory machines and equipment functional. He led the team responsible for fabrication of machine parts using metal forming processes: welding, turning, milling, shaping, heat treatment etc.


He joined Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in 1999 at the completion of a training program in 1998. He has served Shell in various positions within and outside the country with roles in Commissioning, Operations, Maintenance, Process Engineering, Project Engineering, and Business & Government Relations.


He was part of the project team responsible for delivery of various domestic gas projects in the western Niger Delta including 1-year assignment in London on engineering design/reviews and tender packaging.


He was posted to Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) in South East Asia for 5 years (2009-2014) where he led delivery of several projects including oil production facility upgrade/expansion at 4 locations, installation of 15km RTP pipeline, and schedule-driven hook-up of oil producing and water injection wells. He also led the Field Engineering teams for brown-field modification/changes, Quick Response (SWAT) squad, and WRFM Projects for BSP onshore Assets covering 6 flow stations, 1 gas gathering/processing plant, 1 oil terminal, and 1 refinery.


He moved to Lagos in 2014 to join Shell Business & Government Relations function and led a team of Business Advisers in the JV Business Relations, responsible for securing partners approval for budgets, cost performance recovery, and contacts. He is well known for is roles in JV governance, corporate correspondence, scenario planning, change management, business communication, issues and risk management, and team building. He is currently on secondment to NCDMB.

The e-assignment system is for electronic submission, marking and feedback of student homework. Here is a workflow showing a proposed e-assignment project. See how you can display such workflows with 3D shapes as easy as pie and as quick as lightening.

What Is E-assignment

E-assignment is currently used to varying amounts by all faculties in the school. It is used for both formative and summative assessments and those with or without electronic submission of student work and with or without electronic entry of marks and feedback.

Proposed E-assignment Project Workflow

A Powerful yet Intuitive Workflow Software

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Why Use E-assignment

Various benefits can be gained through the use of e-submission and e-marking.

  • Flexibility and convenience e.g. students can submit assignments or receive marks and feedback anywhere, anytime without space and time restriction.
  • Saving resources with the paperless archiving capacity which can facilitate conformity with record retention requirements, making document storage and retrieval effortless.
  • Reducing printing and toner costs. Saving students' notebook and printing expense. Easy tracking of submissions and progress for staff, students and parents. Ability to use text-matching software which offers anti-plagiarism service.
  • Control and management of the whole process in one central, secure and familiar system.
  • Provision of clear, timely and easily accessible feedback.
  • Opportunities for innovative and engaging feedback e.g. audio or video, as well as greater consistency e.g. through use of comment banks or rubrics showing feedback relating to assessment criteria.
  • Raising students' learning interests through the above mentioned electronic technology.
  • Reduce of workload for markers since they do not have to collect and carry large quantities of paper, and can access the marking system anywhere.
  • Enhancement of feedback and comments e.g. markers can review and re-edit feedback and comments more flexibly before finally sending them to students.
  • Ability for markers to re-use feedback comments in similar assignment marking.
  • One More Workflow Example

    To save time and effort, try this template to show the workflow of SEO, through which you can make impressive results. You can use auto connection function to link shapes. Click the picture to enlarge and download. Various formats are available so you don't need to worry about sharing and collaborating with your co-workers. Click this link for more examples.

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