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This is a well-known proverb which stresses the importance of perseverance. We can achieve great things only by perseverance. The man who is in a hurry is likely to commit mistakes and is likely to fail. If we wish to succeed, we should work calmly and patiently. In a long race, it is the man who runs with single-minded attention that wins. The man who runs in a hurry is likely to get tired soon and may not win the race. This is clearly illustrated by the famous fable of the victory. He was confident of reaching the goal and even despised the tortoise for moving slowly. He slept under a tree for some time. The slow but steady tortoise continued his race and reached the finishing point much before the hare. The tortoise won the race because he worked steadily and patiently. The fable teaches us that steady hard work will help us to win even the impossible. There are certain things in our lives which we may think are very difficult to achieve. But if we work slowly and steadily with a firm determination, certainly we will be able to win them sooner or later. Similarly, the student who works regularly every day passes the examination easily. A student who is intelligent, but wasting his time in over-confidence may fail. Thus, it is clear that we can achieve anything only by hard work and patience.

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“Slow and steady wins the race” All must have read the story of the race between the Rabbit and the tortoise. Tortoise, the slowest creature wins at the end as he was steady through out the race. The same applies in our life. Every day we run a race no matter what we are. To survive in this world everyone running. but there are few among the lot who actually leaves there marks behind.. Those are the “tortoise” who are running steadily. Leaving just for the sake of leaving is what an animal is also doing.

We are humans and we need to value this. We can not survive in the long run if we carry an attitude like that of the “Rabbit”. As it is well said… “Don’t stop after a success.. because next time if you fail, there will be many mouths to say that your previous success was just a matter of luck” Looking at the present scenario one needs to move steadily to achieve the desired result but one can’t always relay on going slow.

Today’s world demands speed with perfection. Whether you are a Student or a Businessmen you are required to run fast and steadily to win the race. We have seen development and progress in country like China. They are moving fast on the scale of development and being steady they are sure to become a super power soon. Today they have made a strong position in the world. Even though it is the most populated nation in the world, it has effectively used it’s workforce and is steadily progressing in each and every domain.

Being a communist nation it has grown in all spheres far much better than the largest democracy – India. They are very much committed to their goals. We have seen in the recent times that the western world is taking a lot of interest in this nation as it has a tremendous growth potential. And it’s because of only this reason that it is the top destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). If we want to compete with China, we need to adopt the same policy. We need to take well planned decisions and need to execute them effectively.

We need to move fast and steadily in all spheres. It’s been 63 years now but our system is running with all those old rules and regulations which were framed by the britishers. We are the largest democracy in the world. This population if managed effectively, can bring progress and growth in few decades. Our average GDP of last 20 years is 6. 6%, which is considered to be quite good. This shows our steadiness and as it is said that being stead will always lead you to win. What we are required over here is a quick approach towards things.

Slow, careless nature of our’s has already lead us into lot of troubles, whether it’s the Kashmir issue with our neighbors or passing the lokpal bill or investigating the corruption cases, every where we have seen a careless attitude of government. But if this will carry on like this than we can never reach the level where China is today! No doubt India has the potential, the resources, all it needs is a proper execution of the plans and strategies…. To match up with the developed world India needs to move fast and steady…… As in today’s context “Fast and steady wins the race”…….

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