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Russia is a large country with a rich history. There are plenty of topics to write an interesting history research paper related to Russia. Unfortunately, not all students can come up with excellent ideas for their projects. If you’re struggling with generating a topic for your own paper, you may need to take a look at sample topics for inspiration.

  • The Novgorod Republic.
  • In the 12th-15th centuries, The Novgorod Republic was considered to be a center of intelligence and art.

  • Peter the Great and the Navy.
  • The Russian Navy was significantly modernized during the rule of Peter the Great. What was his influence on the industry?

  • Trans-Siberian railway.
  • The construction of this railway was very important for Russia. Discuss the reasons for building it and results of this process.

  • Modern Russia and democracy.
  • Discuss in your paper whether Russia can be considered a democratic country. Compare it to other East European countries.

  • Catherine the Great and her rule.
  • The empress has contributed significantly to the expansion of Russian borders. Describe the features of her rule.

  • Joseph Stalin and the Industrialization.
  • Analyze the positive and negative effects of this economic rehabilitation in your term paper. Could it have been done in a different way?

  • Russian mafia.
  • After the fall of the USSR, a lot of criminal organizations have appeared. Analyze the reasons for their emergence and history of their evolvement.

  • The Cold War.
  • For a long time, the Soviet Union was in the state of a cold war with the Western world. Describe these times in your history project.

  • The USSR in World War II.
  • Study the contribution of the Soviet Union to destroying the forces of Nazi Germany and the impact of the war on the country.

  • Russo-Chinese cooperation.
  • Russia and China engaged in military cooperation after the Cold War had ended. What are the reasons for these countries to be allied?

    Many students start writing some parts of their papers before they’ve conducted their study. This often leads to either poorly written papers or plenty of changes and amendments in their first drafts. Gather and analyze information to achieve some results and only then start making your outline and composing your history project. It’s advisable to complete the main body chapters in the beginning and only then move on to writing an introduction and conclusion. Don’t forget to create a section for appendices.

    Your term paper on Russian history will be a success if you choose an interesting and controversial topic to research. It should also have enough accessible materials to back your research on. The following list of great term paper topics covers different eras and spheres of the history of this country. Hopefully, some of them will spark your interest.

  • The nature of Russian nationalism and its role in the fall of the Soviet Union.
  • Look at the issue from the historic point of view. How did the rise of nationalistic groups contribute to the Soviet collapse?

  • Construction of St. Petersburg under Peter the First.
  • How did Peter the Great contribute to the city planning and construction? Investigate the changes and innovations introduced there.

  • The impact of the Russo-Japanese war on the political life of the country.
  • How is the creation of the Duma connected with the war? How did the war with Japan influence the Russian revolution in 1905?

  • Stalin regime and the famine in Ukraine.
  • Research the issue in your term paper. Why did Stalin order the famine? What were the methods and results?

  • World War II: how and why did Russia contribute to the allied forces during the war?
  • Look for the supporting materials on the issue. Research the causes.

  • Russo-Chinese military cooperation after the Cold War.
  • How did the former enemies turn into the partners? Research the reasons for new relations in your term paper.

  • The Cold War versus the Iranian nuclear conflict.
  • Compare these two events. What are the similar features?

  • Russian mafia: historical overview and analysis.
  • What were the reasons for the boost of mafia organizations after the fall of the Soviet Union?

  • The Industrialization of the country under Joseph Stalin.
  • How much was achieved by the program? What was the cost of such economic rehabilitation?

  • The rule of Catherine the Great.
  • What was this reign specific for? How did Catherine the Great add to the expansion of the country?

  • Democracy in modern Russia.
  • In your term paper, explore the factors that undermine democratic formations in the country.

  • The construction of Trans-Siberian railway.
  • Analyze in your term paper why the railway was/is important for the country.

  • The modernization of the Navy under Peter the Great.
  • How did Peter the First influence the industry? What innovations were introduced to shipwrights?

  • The Novgorod Republic as an intellectual center of Russia in the 12th - 15th centuries.
  • In your term paper, explore all the spheres the Novgorod Republic was famous for: icon painting, architecture, applied art, book publishing, etc.

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