Example Of Fax Cover Letter For Resume

When faxing a resume or sending it via e-mail as an attachment, your cover letter should be brief.  Revising and editing your cover letter are key to you objective: to obtain an interview.   To be successful, give time and thought to each type of cover letter and relate it specifically to each job for which you apply.  Here is a sample fax cover letter:

Fax To: Ms. Jill Smith

 Phone: 973.123.4567

 Company: ABC Industries

 Fax: 973.987.6543

 From: Your Name

 Phone: Your Phone

 Pages: 2

 Fax: Fax# You're Using

 Dear. Ms. Smith:

      In response to the job posting on NJIT's CDS On-Line.  I am enclosing my resume for your consideration for the database analyst position.

    My resume details my qualifications.   I have excellent communication and problem-solving skills, am proficient in Access and Oracle and have the ability to function well in stressful situations.  I am confident that my internship experience at XYZ Company will make me successful at ABC Industries.  Please contact me at my home number at (973) 222-2222 or via e-mail to schedule an interview.  Thank you for your consideration of my application.

It is o.k. but not necessary to mail a copy to the company. Many people mail it as an additional assurance that the resume will be reviewed.

E-Mail Cover Letters

Many on-line services are not listing only an e-mail address for the resume forwarding.  When you send your resume, a brief cover e-mail message is required.  Be sure you keep a copy of what you send for your records.  The salutation line should be formal, just like a letter, e.g., Dear Mr. or Ms. Smith:

In the body of the message, brevity is necessary.  Business e-mails must be brief, otherwise, you will not be viewed as a person familiar with workplace protocol.  Similar to a regular cover letter, you want to grab the attention and interest of the reader right away.   Therefore, by outlining your skills as they relate to the job description/requirements, you illustrate clearly that you know what the employer seeks to fill that position.

TO: abc123@HOTINDUSTRY.org

cc: yourself, if your program does not automatically do this!

 SUBJ: Application for Network Administrator

 Dear Human Resources Director:

I am pleased to attach my resume for consideration for the above position, as advertised on Monsterboard.com. on May 2, 2000.  Please review it and note my excellent qualifications for this position.  In my current position I have gained excellent communication skills and my coursework has given me the background to join your firm and be productive from day one.

I am highly motivated to enter a company such as yours which offers excellent professional growth opportunities.  Please contact me at my home number at (973) 222-2222 or via e-mail and suggest a time and date when you would like to schedule an interview.  I will confirm it promptly.  Thank you for your consideration.

Your name

<Begin resume>

insert resume copy.  Do not send resume as an attachment.  Most recruiters will not open it, for fear of viruses.

<End resume>

The notification of 'begin resume' and 'end resume' allows the reader to copy it, forward it, or feed it into a resume bank.If the company requests that your resume be sent as an attachment, then it is fine to send it in the requested format.

Create great fax cover letters to look sharp whether you send your resume cover page by fax, email or snail mail. Use these free sample cover letters as a guide.

Every contact with prospective employers should be professional, no matter how you deliver your cover letters and resumes.

When you send your resume by fax, your resume cover page should be clean and easy to read.

Example of Cover Letter for Fax

You can use a standard letter format for your fax cover letter simply by adding “Via Facsimile” and the number of pages that are included in your fax. This simplifies the process, eliminates a separate cover page and looks sharp. My matching the look and font of your cover letters and your resume, you help make sure the two stay together. If you prefer to send a separate fax cover page, simply state that you are sending a cover letter and resume.

Be sure to use a clear font that is easy to read (12 point font typically works well) for fax letters. Using this slightly larger font helps the readability on a fax print out. If you are faxing your cover letter, keep the design to a minimum and always number the pages.

Follow the Rules of Great Cover Letters

As with any job application cover letter, always make every effort to address the letter to someone specific. This career advice is easy to ignore because it does require the extra legwork, but it makes a tremendous difference! In the sample letters above, you’ll notice that the applicant reached out in creative ways to make contact with the hiring manager prior to sending the letter. This will help you find a job by making you stand out from the crowd.

Keep in mind that even cover letters by fax are put into databases to make it easy to search and find you, so your keywords are important. Use keywords found in the job description if you have one – or find a similar job description for the type of job you are seeking and look for keywords that way.

Finally, no matter what your resume cover letter format, be sure to follow all the rules of great cover letters. Every word counts! I hope these tips make it easy for you to master how to write cover letters!

Good luck!

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